Investigation services

Security & Investigation Group has considerable expertise when it comes to professionally solving (corporate) frauds and thefts.

Investigation Services

Although issues such as improper sick leave, corporate fraud and violation of non-competition clauses are obviously undesirable, they happen every day.

As a client, SIG is at your immediate professional side with, in addition to the aforementioned specialists, the most modern techniques and methodologies available within the investigation.

Think of conducting observations, forensic investigations, administrative or ICT investigations.



All phases within the investigation are discussed with the client so that there are never any surprises. 

For example, there may be: 

conducting a preliminary investigation, 

conducting a background investigation, 

consulting public sources, 

conducting observations, 

conducting test purchases, 

conducting technical research. 


If the investigation results in one or more suspects, they will/will be confronted with the facts established by SIG during an interview. 

In most cases, an investigation can be completed to the client's satisfaction, and in some situations the completion of an investigation leads to the involvement of the police. 

A report of each investigation is prepared by SIG and made available for use during any legal proceedings.

In addition, in some cases, digital records are also secured and examined and/or tip-offs are spoken to and infiltrators are deployed. 

If an issue arises with you that requires immediate help or support, SIG has an emergency number that can be reached 24 hours a day and will quickly put you in touch with one of our specialists. Should it become apparent during the call that delay is not an option, one of our staff will immediately initiate an investigation. 

However, we will always start by conducting an intake interview so that it is clear to both parties involved how the investigation will be shaped.

"We have not only specialists but also the most modern techniques and methodologies available within investigation"