SIG provides security awareness (customised) training to individuals as well as companies and government agencies.


Topics that may be covered include: 


  - Security awareness from home to the workplace 

  - Learning the principles of Predictive profiling 

  - How to act if you notice you are being observed or followed 

  - Security awareness indoors and outdoors 

  - Observing incidents (so that useful data can be reported to emergency services) 

  - Internet use (what can others do with it) 

 - Inappropriate own behaviour and its possible consequences 

  - De-escalating aggression 

  - Desired own behaviour to prevent aggression from others 

  - How to unobtrusively warn emergency services in case of threat 

  - Tips to increase security awareness 

  - (Digital) tools available in the market to raise security awareness. 

"A good awareness of security awareness among employees is the basis for preventing calamities"