Personal security

The core task of personal security is to prevent, repel and withstand attacks on individuals.


Personal security

Our personal security officers (Close Protection Team) are specially trained and have gained a lot of experience with government services at home and abroad and are trained to respond proactively, quickly and adequately in threatening situations that demand such repsonse. 


Customization is essential here.

With the 24/7/365 support as a basis, a customized package can be put together containing the necessary and desired security measures. 


Of course, in addition to security, discretion and privacy are paramount and we take your wishes into account as much as possible. 

Preventive observation

Preventive observation is an important part of personal security and is aimed at recognizing, at the earliest possible stage, abnormal activities in the immediate private and business environment of the person to be secured, and then taking action on them.

This form of personal security ensures that the invasion of privacy is minimal.

In performing static or dynamic observations, our observers are continuously engaged in risk analysis.

In the process, all relevant information is incorporated into a daily report.

Armored transport

SIG's close protection team comes into action when there is clearly an established elevated threat level during an assignment. At that moment there is a special security assignment. In those situations, therefore, no risk is taken and moving a person to be secured becomes critical. 
The deployment of armored vehicles, equipped all around with bulletproof glass and explosion-proof bodywork is then necessary.

It goes without saying that SIG team members are specially trained drivers with the necessary experience. 

SIG has an unobtrusive, armored, fleet of vehicles.

In carrying out static or dynamic observations, our observers are constantly making risk assessments.