Red Teaming


Red Teaming is a method of creating and increasing security awareness among employees so that attacks on the company, where the employees work, are minimized.

Using red teaming, human weaknesses and technical flaws are sought in order to initiate an attack. One method used is social engineering. 

This is a method in which, based on psychology, identity fraud, computer and/or telephone technology, people's ignorance is exploited whereby they are unknowingly manipulated into releasing confidential information, for example.


Other techniques can also be used, such as: 

- a risk analysis performed by us 

- a pre-existing GAP analysis (the "gap" between the existing and desired security level) 

- the use of a mystery guest. Both at the front desk of a building for example, but also by telephone can provide interesting insights. 

Based on your requirements, a plan of action is made in advance and discussed with you. Naturally, you can expect an extensive report from us after implementation of the plan. 

Giving recommendations to the management and information to the employees to increase the security awareness of employees is of course also one of the possibilities. 


Unfortunately, we cannot avoid it; nowadays it is necessary to protect your premises, building, event or process.